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Sifu Larry Hartsell

Sifu Larry Hartsell (15 August 1942 – 20 August 2007), was a walking encyclopedia of knowledge in JKD, FMA and Grappling, an excellent instructor and a humble man! Rest in peace Sifu...


Larry Hartsell began his martial arts training in Kenpo karate with Ed Parker in 1961. He earned a black belt from Parker and went on to earn a black belt in Judo as well. In 1967 he started training with Bruce Lee. He served as a military police officer in the army, including combat time in Vietnam. After returning from the war, he continued training at Bruce Lee's school under the guidance of both Bruce Lee and his senior instructor Dan Inosanto. Hartsell is an original student and member of the Los Angeles Chinatown Group founded by Si Gung Bruce Lee, for which Guro Dan Inosanto was the head instructor. His training included private lessons at the Bel Air home of Bruce Lee. Hartsell continued his training with Dan Inosanto for next past 35 years. Hartsell's research of techniques resulted in additions and innovations to the grappling that now forms the core of the Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do Grappling system.


He obtained a degree in criminology as well as years of law enforcement experience. This, combined with his notoriety had put him in wide demand as a professional bodyguard for celebrities (such as Mr. T), and also as a trainer for the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers.


Hartsell has offered self defense and combat courses for the Navy Seals and police officers through various colleges, agencies and law enforcement training programs.

Sifu Larry HartsellAs a long time practitioner of the martial arts - most notably Jeet Kune Do - Hartsell was one of the first in the United States to embrace and train in Shoot Wrestling when it was introduced at the Inosanto Academy. Hartsell has always been open-minded and eager to learn. Guro Dan states, "Larry has often joined me in training and researching systems, such as Indonesian Pencak Silat, Thai Boxing, and the Filipino Martial Arts. Over the years, Larry modified his fighting structure and geared his training more toward the arts of grappling and submission. Combining his knowledge in the arts of grappling and submission with his skill in the trapping and striking arts, Larry has taken his art to a new dimension".


Guro Dan Inosanto states, "Larry is one of the few martial artists who has always been open-minded and known the benefits of cross-training. Knowing the importance roll-conditioning and physical fitness play in the complex game of survival in the martial arts, Larry incorporates the proven methods of the past alongside the cutting edge techniques of the future".


It is well known to the students of Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do that Bruce Lee broke combat down into the four ranges of Kicking, Boxing, Trapping and Grappling. The serious students of Jeet Kune Do are also aware that the development of the grappling range techniques in this system were assigned to Larry Hartsell. At the time of Bruce Lee's untimely death there were only 33 formal techniques in the grappling range. As the final and closest range there was much research to do in this range and Hartsell has continued his research into this area with various discrete techniques that now form the core of Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do Grappling.


Ajarn Chai Francis Fong Dan Inosanto Larry HartsellHartsell has authorized several books on the subject of Jeet Kune Do Grappling. "Entering to Trapping To Grappling and Takedowns, Counters, and Reversals." In addition he has seven internationally distribute videotapes on the grappling and combative arts. These books, videotapes and his skill in the grappling arts have resulted in Hartsell being listed in the "Who's Who in Martial Arts" and cover shots with numerous feature articles in Inside Kung Fu, Black Belt, Martial Arts Training, Inside Karate, Australian Fighting Arts, and many others. Hartsell is the man Dan Inosanto described as "One of the premier Jeet Kune Do fighters of our time". With the tremendous rise in the popularity of the grappling arts it has become paramount to Hartsell to demonstrate to martial artists the fact that Jeet Kune Do has had a strong emphasis on the grappling range.




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Sifu Larry Hartsell

Sifu Larry Hartsell & Vagelis Zorbas

Larry Hartsell Dan Inosanto

"Learn to stop him before he stops you! A venture into Jeet Kune Do, grappling and open-mindedness - Jeet Kune Do through experimentation - The root of Jeet Kune Do lies in its emphasis on constant change."

Sifu Larry Hartsell


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Η Ακαδημία Μαχητικής Τεχνολογίας Jeet Kune Do βρίσκεται στην Αθήνα, στην διεύθυνση: Δήλου 9, Καισαριανή (κάθετα στην Φορμίωνος, σύνορα Βύρωνα-Καισαριανής). Εύκολη πρόσβαση από το κέντρο της Αθήνας με το λεωφορείο 732 (Αγ. Φανούριος - Ακαδημία - Ζωοδ. Πηγή) (στάση 9η Φορμίωνος).

Επίσης πρόσβαση με την τοπική Δημοτική Συγκοινωνία του Δήμου Βύρωνα με το λεωφορείο
10 (Καρέας - Ντάνκαν) και το λεωφορείο 20 (Κουταλάς - Αγ. Λάζαρος) (στάση Φωκαίας).

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