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Sayoc Kali:


Sayoc Kali

Sayoc Kali is primarily an edged-weapon–based style of Filipino martial art. The Academy organized in Athens for the fist time in Greece, Sayoc Kali seminars with Guro Nick Sacoulas from USA, 29 May 2005 and second time 11-12 April 2009.

One of many subsets of the Sayoc Fighting System (SFS), Sayoc Kali is a family art begun by Licerio Topacio y Corcuera (1839–1925), a Filipino general who served under Emilio Aguinaldo, first President of the Philippines. Topacio passed the system on by way of his daughter, Aurelio Topacio, whose son, General Burgos Topacio Sayoc, passed the system on to Baltazar Zook Sayoc. Baltazar Sayoc's son, Christopher Jeffrey Castenada Sayoc, became the head of SFS as a result of Baltazar Sayoc's passing away on January 3, 2007, in Cavite, Philippines.

Sayoc Kali has a formal hierarchy of ranks: Tuhon, Full Instructor, Associate Instructor, and Apprentice Instructor. Directly under Tuhon Christopher Sayoc are--in alphabetical order--Tuhons Felix Cortes; Ray Dionaldo; Rafael and Ricardo Kayanan; Tom Kier; and Christopher "Jeff" Sayoc, Jr., Jimmie Sayoc, and Richard Sayoc. Directly under the Tuhons are Full Instructors Brian Caluastro, Mark Conroy, Pat Consing, Neil Mendez, and Colin Ryan.

Sayoc Kali is not a complete fighting system: to wit, it emphasizes the correct use of edged weapons, including--but not limited to--single knife, multiple knives, and sword. Whip training, essentially yet another subset of the Sayoc Fighting System, is offered to all Sayoc Kali students as a complementary curriculum that does not become mandatory until a student has progressed through the system.

Sayoc Silak, another subset of SFS, is an open-hand system that complements the Sayoc Kali portion of SFS. Sayoc Silak is not taught to new students; its curriculum is made available to select students only.

Sayoc Tactical Group (STC) is a subdivision of the Sayoc Fighting System. According to the official STC Web site, "Sayoc Tactical Group trains military operators and law enforcement professionals in the fundamentals of edged weapons tactics. This training is modular and can be seamlessly integrated with an agency's existing CQC and firearms training. It provides a blueprint for operators to make optimum decisions quickly, at the point of contact."

Sayoc Combat Choreography, directed by Tuhon Rafael Kayanan, trains actors, provides technical consultation to directors and producers, and choreographs fight scenes. SCC has contributed to and worked with a variety of media, including--but not limited to--the feature-length fims The Hunted and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. According to actor Tommie Lee Jones, who trained with SCC (and specifically with Tuhons Rafael Kayanan and Tom Kier) to prepare for his role in The Hunted, "The discipline in which I was rather thoroughly schooled is called Sayoc Kali, and under this discipline, fighting with a knife is designed usually to last five to ten seconds at the most. ... by then, someone is pretty much chopped up and unable to go on."






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