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Floro Fighting Systems:

Floro Fighting Systems

Floro Fighting Systems (FFS) was developed by Raymond Floro a fencing champion and martial artist. After extensive training in European and Filipino methods of edged weapon combat Ray developed his system. Highlights of FFS Include:

#1) FFS heavily utilizes thrusts.

#2) Distancing - FFS practitioners are either at long range or extremely close, they hardly stand in medium range because we found that there is a high probability of "double kills". Utilizing fencing footwork, the FFS practitioner can really close the distance quickly

#3) FFS - Uses "Linear Motion" as it's the basis for footwork, which is taken directly from fencing. We find this faster and doesn't require much room to move (a good point to remember when attacking in crowded places like bars or trains etc.

#4) FFS executes their techniques in a tight motions.

#5) FFS - only uses the alive hand (non-weapon hand) at extremely close range. We found that especially in weapon sparring, the non-weapon hand gets hit often if it tries to get involved in distances greater than extreme close range.

#6) FFS have done away with traditional Filipino terms.

#7) FFS is focused on knife

FFS is drawn from not only Ray's experiences in Fencing but also those of training with Antonio "Tatang" Ilustrisimo.

Ilustrisimo Kalis is the system of combat practised by the family of the very great master fighter, Grandmaster Antonio 'Tatang' Ilustrisimo for centuries.

The Ilustrisimo clan has a long history as warriors and "men of power" (mystics or medicine men if you like) that continues unbroken to this day. Grandmaster Antonio Ilustrisimo was the head of the style. The previous head was his uncle, the great Melecio Ilustrisimo who was famous and dominant in northern Cebu (north coast, Bantayan and Bohol islands) early 20th Century. Another famous relative was the great mystic Agapito Ilustrisimo (grand uncle?) who was active as a fighter in the revolutionary Katipunan.

Grandmaster Antonio Ilustrisimo not only came from an illustrious fighting family, he is a living warrior with numerous experience of combat. Many so-called "techniques" are actually illustrations of combat principles.

The system is full of strategies to set up an opponent, counter his counters, beat him to the punch, etc. Footwork is simple but effective. As long as one can walk forward, backward and sideward, then one has basically mastered the footwork.




Ray Floro

Instructor Ray Floro.