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Academy Of Jeet Kune Do Fighting Technology Athens Greece




Academy Of Jeet Kune Do Fighting Technology is located in Athens, Greece. With over 20 years experience is offering martial arts training in Contemporary Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Kali and Indonesian Silat.


Instructor Vagelis Zorbas, tel.: +30 6946781911


Available: Group training, private lessons and seminars.


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Intensive Personal Training Programs:

The Academy Of Jeet Kune Do Fighting Technology is offering Intensive Personal Training Programs (IPTP) with Private and Semi-Private lessons in the Academy in Athens, Greece.

The IPTP allows you to strenuously train for 2, 3, 4, 5 or more days covering some of our most valued material. This would be the best option for someone wanting to get a great training experience in a short period of time. Unlike the privates, the IPTP curriculums are pre-planned so we will be pushing you at a higher level and a faster pace. IPTP are the most effective and focused method of instilling the combative skill taught.

The most preferable option is to train for 2 days (5 hours each day) with total training time 10 full hours.

Special consideration will be given to each participant's individual needs and training goals. The personal nature of the training ensures the material can be covered in much greater detail than through any other format. The progressive and efficient development which can be achieved through an IPTP is unmatched.

Recognizing that individual training might not be in the personal budget for some people, we offer the ability to form a small private training group of up to six people to help spread the cost while retaining the benefits of small group intensive teaching. Rates will vary depending on the number of persons, the program or programs that will be followed and the number of sessions booked.

Dates Reservation
To reserve private training dates you must request them one or two months before, in order to be able to service you better, last moment reservation is not advisable because usually the dates are already reserved.


Available Intensive Personal Training Programs of the Academy:

1) PFS RAT (Rapid Assault Tactics) Program
The RAT system is the heart of Progressive Fighting Systems and of the Academy of Jeet Kune Do Fighting Technology. It was developed by Paul Vunak specifically for the US Navy Seals as a primary combative program taken from the JKD concepts. How it differs to any other art or system out there is the straight blast concept. This concept deletes base and balance to the assailant, its an equalizer, you become capable of taking out a larger person then yourself quick and efficient with the most barbaric tools, Head butts, Knees, Elbows and Kina Mutai (biting, eye gouging, finger breaking and pinching). Today the RAT system is taught to Special Forces, Military, Marines, Rangers, F.B.I, D.E.A, C.I.A, S.W.A.T. Teams, over 50 police Departments in the U.S and other countries.
2) Jeet Kune Do Program
Jeet Kune Do is a philosophy and approach to mixed martial arts for the street, designed by the legendary Sijo Bruce Lee. We focus on what you need to know to effectively defend yourself. We are not training you to win tournaments or schooling you in the ancient mysteries of the arts, we are training you to win on the street... The curriculum includes drills, techniques and theories from the original Jun Fan Arts curriculum of Sijo Bruce Lee, with emphasis in Attributes Development.

"The winner of a street fight is not the person with the most beautiful techniques, but the person with the best attributes
." Guro Paul Vunak

3) Jun Fan Kickboxing Program
This program is designed either to prepare Kick boxers for tournaments or to enhance the kick boxing skills of martial artists with scientific approach to eliminate any strategic weaknesses, to pinpoint fundamental errors, to enhance their attributes and to give them functional knowledge related to fighter's conditioning approach.

4) KATS (Knife Awareness, Tactics & Strategies) Program
This program dispels the common myths and misinformation about knife fighting, based on the Filipino martial arts, it covers knife deployment, carry methods, one-handed speed opening skills, proper knife grips, close & long range techniques, legal & moral issues, specific drills to enhance attributes required for knife fighting, weapon manipulation, knife retention, projectiles, advanced reflex training drills, knife vs. knife, knife vs. empty hands and sparring with protective gear.

5) Filipino Kali Program
The harsh reality is that many aggressors will attack with some sort of weapon (Edged and Blunt weapons). We are aware of this threat, and we will take every measure to teach you the best game plans for these situations. The training curriculum includes drills and techniques with Single Stick, Double Sticks, Single Knife and Unarmed Kali (Destructions, Panantukan and Dumog) exposing the practitioner to the wide spectrum of fighting superiority of the Filipino martial arts.

6) LECT (Law Enforcement Control Tactics)
Specially designed program for law enforcement, security, police & military officers and agents. The tactics of this program (Control-Defensive Restraint, Confrontation Management & Threat Termination, D-RATT) are taught for escorting an aggressive hostile subject that is not cooperating getting in or out of a squad car, prison jail cell or resistance to hand cuffing. Its particulars are Locks, Restraints and Dumog, which is a Filipino wrestling, art dealing with natural choke points on the human body. Law enforcement is a very dangerous field. Even a security guard faces risks normal citizens will not. One minute you can be walking on the street or filing paperwork, and the next minute you could be facing an aggressor(s) carrying knives, blunt weapons, or even guns. These situations are never completely anticipated. It can feel chaotic. What are you supposed to do? Fortunately, we have training tactics designed to help you understand and respond to these situations. For over 20 years, PFS has used the Force Continuum Approach to train the best of the best; from the United States Federal Marshals to the FBI to NAVY Seals, they’ve all learned the PFS way. One positive aspect of modern defensive tactics training is the conception and utilization of the police use of force continuum. Due to this concept we have divided our techniques into 3 Levels:
Level I: If they are not imposing any physical harm/threat upon you, but they are not cooperating-maybe they are drunk, cantankerous, not going into the police car or into their cell, etc.
Level II: If someone throws a punch or kick at you, but you are not afraid for your life; you need to defend yourself, so we employ techniques which are not excessively brutal but they do apply enough damage to stop the attack.
Level III: If you are in a serious situation were you are worried for your life! We will train you in the methods you need to come out on top!

7) Submission Grappling Program
This program focuses on all aspects of ground grappling without a Gi. Emphasizing positions, reversals, guard work, pins, chokes, arm bars, leg locks, time locks, joint locks, hold escapes, restraints and sparring strategies.

8) Private Training Program for Training Groups
This program is for people who want to start a training group remotely and we cover training material that can be practiced in one year period by the group. Including sources from various sources from the Arts of
Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Kali and Silat. Tailored made specifically for the needs of the group.


* Instructions for people outside of European Union
Keep in mind that you might get rejected in applying for a travelers tourist visa from the Greek Embassy, that's why you need to apply for a tourist visa two or three months prior to your trip to Greece. The Academy will reserve training dates only if you first have taken the visa successfully and second transferred the required 1/3 of the fees to the Academy. It is policy of the Academy NOT to send official invitations or to get involved in any ways or matters with visa applications
. Also it is policy of the Academy not to get involved with hotels and accommodations.


Academy Of Jeet Kune Do Fighting Technology