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Valencia Lameco Escrima:

Valencia Lameco

Escrima is the fighting art of the Philippines Islands, it covers weapons (sticks, spear, staff, knife) and empty hand (on form of boxing, kicking, wrestling).
Lameco was born from the studies and experiences of the late PunongGuro Edgar Sulite, who combined different styles of Escrima into an extremely functional system of combat, covering all range and several weapons.

The Valencia Lameco Escrima (VLE) is the development made by Guro Felix Valencia, who is the most Senior Student of PG Sulite, including and adapting also what he learned from other teachers (Muay Thai, Herman Suwanda's Silat, Hawaiian Lua, Shooto, BJJ and others) and his personal experiences as bodyguard, security and deputy sheriff.

From Reynaldo Galang's (Bakbakan Int.) book "Masters of the Blade":
"Guro Valencia is recognized in the weapons community as one of the leading experts in edged weapons training. Guro Valencia has been referred to by some as the most respected "street fighting blade man" on the planet.", pictures perfectly this humble but superb Master.

A truly versatile fighter, he's been undefeated in Dog Brothers matches and although he is now retired (officially) from fighting, his students continue his legacy of victories.

Valencia Lameco Escrima utilizes a volatile arsenal of techniques that allow the practitioner to flow without interruption between the various ranges of combat both armed and unarmed.
Guro Valencia has become one of the few martial artists to earn himself a reputation in both martial arts and law enforcement communities and, as a result of this, he has become one of the premier, most sought-after instructor in close quarter weapons instruction.

His "style" makes large use of footwork and body mechanic, so the students will not only understand the principles and techniques of combat but also the reasons why they have to apply them in certain ways.

The beauty of the VLE is that almost everything is studied in a sparring/fighting format so each of us will develop his/her unique style using what he/she is really capable to use in a confrontational situation (whatever the environment).

Stick, knife, gun, grappling and ground, and the mix of all the previous, make the VLE certainly one of the most complete systems of combat, available today.

Guro Valencia is also the founder of the DEFENSIVE EDGE which is an organization dedicated to training law enforcements and civilian in high-risk positions (such as pilots, airport security, security screeners, and other non-enforcement personnel) in defensive edge from edged weapons.



Guro Felix Valencia  

 Guro Felix Valencia