Tabak Toyok


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Tabak Toyok:


The Tabak Toyok is a Filipino version of the Nunchaku. The primary difference between the Filipino version and other versions of the weapon is that the Tabak Toyok tends to have shorter handles as well as a longer chain. Each handle is approximately four inches long. The length of the rope or chain that attaches each handle is approximately six inches long. The size of this weapon varies depending on the user.

Filipino martial artist Dan Inosanto teaches the Filipino use of the Tabak Toyok in his Filipino Kali curriculum. Dan Inosanto introduced his close friend and teacher, the legendary Bruce Lee, to the weapon. Bruce Lee is infamous for his cinematic fight scenes portraying the weapon. As a result, Bruce Lee's smaller nunchaku bear a resemblance to these.

In the Philippines, the Tabak Toyok is popularly known as the chako. It is often used as a street weapon in Filipino brawls. The smaller size of the Tabak Toyok allows for easy concealment and everyday carry. The weapon is best used at long-range.


Weapons similar to the nunchaku exist in many martial arts around the world. To mention only a few of the best know ones: Chinese erjiegun; Philippine tabak-toyok; Korean ssangjulbong; and European combat flails. All these weapons are built like the nunchaku. Some of these are simply imported nunchaku from kobudo. For example, the Philippine chako and tabak-toyok are just the Okinawan nunchaku made from the local Philippine wood. Other martial arts have their own "stick-and-chain" weapons, like the Shaolin sanjiegun or the European combat flail.